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Strike Force Heroes 3

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nathanThe legendary shooting game Strike Force Heroes 3 is back with a new storyline and new campaign. Strike Force Heroes 3 is not just another shooting game where you just have to kill all enemies to win the game. It features different game modes, including the Death match mode, Team Battle Mode and others where you have to complete specific tasks to win the round. In SFH3 you will face even more new weapons than in previous version and also your character will be able to upgrade it to become even more deadly. The game has several soldier classes but at the beginning of the game, only one of them is unlocked. The most interesting part of the game is that every soldier in the squad of Strike Force has different skills. Some of them can use sniper rifle much better, which others are strong in caring heavy ammo. Anyway, you must try all of them to find out which one is the best soldier. The graphics as well as the gameplay of Strike Force Heroes 3 is just awesome, you will enjoy the smooth movement of characters and feel like you are playing a video game.

Strike Force Heroes 3 is a rather big game, it contains a lot of graphics and sounds, that's why it takes so long to load in your browser. Please be patient. Remember that now you can play the Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked At School at our website, so bookmark this page and play all the time. Check out the controls of SFH3 below and enjoy the game.


W/A/S/D/ or Arrow Keys - movement
Mouse right click - Reload weapon.
Q or Shift -Switch weapons.
E - activate Kill Streaks.
Left mouse - shoot.